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Multi-hotel management (CRS)

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New hotel IT: practically no IT. Take a breath.

All you need is an internet connection that works

Invest next to nothing in IT infrastructure and maintenance to migrate to Clock PMS Suite. No servers to buy or upgrade, no updates to apply, no extra IT staff. And it works on any device, so you don’t need to worry about system requirements. That easy, that simple.

Your transactions will grow. Your costs will not.

Clock PMS Suite operates on one of world’s best and most elastic data centres – Amazon AWS. That means that we will instantly add processing or storage power as your transactions grow and you don't need to worry about performance issues or hidden server upgrade costs.

Central management of user accounts

Access all properties from a single subscription. Limit user access to certain properties – or not. Manage a single subscription that includes all your properties - centralized billing, centralized settings. Switch on or off the add-ons you use or don’t use and optimize your costs.

Live multi-property, no synchronisation issues.

It's not just a central reservation system. It's a single truly multi-property database. Everything happens in real time and is recorded instantly. There is no need to synchronize data between the CRS and your properties, so you can't lose business or critical data.

Clock PMS Suite multiple hotel account home screen

Central reservation system. And database. For all channels.

Instant availability search and booking in any property

Depending on your user account settings, you will (or won't) see all properties visualized on your home screen. Then, you will be able to run a rooms-and-rates-availability search, get an occupancy forecast or start a booking for any property straight from there.

Central guest and company profiles

Clock PMS Suite stores data for all properties in a single multi-property database. That enables centralized guest and company profiles available across your properties and lets you collect and transfer important customer information throughout the group.

Multi-property web reservation system (coming soon)

Your home is your fortress. In a digital era your website is your home. Clock PMS Suite web reservation system allows your guests and partners to search your availability and book across properties, based on criteria such as location, category, promo codes and many more.

Central live management of rates, restrictions and channels

Your Clock PMS Suite multi-hotel capabilities will allow you to manage live all rates, restrictions and channels for all properties in your group from a single location. Or from a single mobile device. Centralized or at property level. Or both. It's all about your corporate structure.