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Sell gift vouchers online

  •  Pretty shop window & vouchers
  •  Vouchers sorted thematically
  •  Personal message
  •  Online payments

Communication & reliability

  •  Purchase confirmation e-mail
  •  E-mail notification sent to hotel
  •  ToDo task created on the desktop

Management & control

  •  Description, picture and group for each voucher
  •  Delivery options and restrictions
  •  Folio & payment created in PMS
  •  Voucher sales journal & reporting

Attractive gift shop

Pretty shop window and vouchers.
Make them

Add a picture to the header of your web shop to make your clients stop and look twice. Add a picture for each voucher to excite their imagination. They would want the best gift for their loved ones and won't be able to turn away.

Vouchers sorted thematically.
Let your clients find what they need easily.

It's always easier to find things when they are organized. The gift vouchers in your web shop can be grouped by theme, season, occasion, price or anything else you find suitable.

Hotel gift voucher online shop displayed on desktop and mobile screens

Personal message.
The heart-warming touch that makes a gift unforgettable.

Ever so often gift vouchers feel impersonal. Clock PMS Suite vouchers are different. The note field on the purchase screen lets your clients put in words what their gift is an expression of.

Online payments.
Convenient and elegantly discreet.

Gift vouchers in Clock PMS Suite are paid online. All you need to do is activate a supported payment service, like PayPal for example. No cash transactions, no bank payment fees, it's all between you and your client. And no gift beneficiary needs to be the wiser.

Make your gift vouchers do more

Turn your gift vouchers into yet another advertising media. Customize their look and text to highlight your advantages and special offers.

Communication and reliability

Hotel gift voucher purchase confirmation email preview

Purchase confirmation e-mail.
Acknowledge the reception of payment and your commitment to good service.

Good communication is inseparable from good business. All important operations between hotel and clients in Clock PMS Suite are confirmed by e-mail. So is the purchase of gift vouchers. The system sends buyers an automated e-mail to verify the legitimacy of their purchase.

Email notification sent to hotel.
You are always informed.

Since vouchers are sold through the web shop without operator interference, the hotel needs to be informed of the sale as well. That's why on every gift voucher purchase Clock PMS Suite automatically sends an e-mail there.

ToDo task created on the desktop.
Be prepared for your clients.

Clock PMS Suite takes care to remind you of the actions you need to take. For every gift voucher sold, the system creates a ToDo task on the desktop.

To do tasks created for hotel gift voucher shop activities

Add a special touch to win your clients' affection

Customize the subject and the body of the purchase confirmation e-mail to assure your clients of the personal service they receive at your establishment.

Management and control

Description, picture and group for each voucher.
Make them look and sound attractive.

Gift vouchers are entered in the system as charge templates and then marked as vouchers in the gift voucher settings. They also make use of the charge template groups. So, when you create the charge templates of a gift voucher, don't just give it a name. Enter a description of what it includes. Add a picture to give clients a glimpse of their possible future. And specify a theme, season or any other template group for it, to make it easier to find in the shop. Finally, try to reach as many potential clients as possible by translating these parameters into different languages.

Availability and delivery options.
Clear and convenient.

Your services may be available to clients all over the world, but for some reason your vouchers may not. To avoid any confusion, specify the countries where they can be delivered in the settings of your voucher shop. As for delivery, Clock PMS Suite lets you offer different options. They are specified as charge templates and are marked as delivery in the gift voucher settings. If needed, the delivery options can be explained in their description fields. For client convenience, they can be translated into various languages, too.

Folio and payment created in PMS.
All revenue registered accordingly.

Every gift voucher sale creates a folio in Clock PMS Suite. The folio contains all the information about the voucher as well as the personal and contact details entered by the buyer.

Voucher sales journal and reporting.
Stay on top of all financial operations.

Tracking gift voucher sales in Clock PMS Suite is easy. If it's a sales report you need, check the list of sold vouchers. If you need financial analysis, run a financial report. Gift vouchers are treated as regular cash payments and are included in all related reports as payments of type 'voucher'.

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