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Two available options

Even the best hotel software is not much use without a reliable link to an accounting system. This is especially true to large organizations, where the accounting process is usually more complex.

Clock PMS Suite offers two solutions to this problem: an API and an export option.


The API gives access to all financial information in the system:

  • Folios (all: open, closed, client, deposit, correction)
  • Folio: charges (including modifiers)
  • Folio: payments
  • Folio: taxes
  • Charges change log (revenue)
  • Payments change log
  • Companies
  • Currencies and exchange rates
  • Users
  • Daily closures

It works with XML, JSON and YAML formats and can be used by your developer for designing an interface which will transfer automatically data from Clock PMS Suite to your accounting software.

Export of reports

Each and every report drawn in Clock PMS Suite can be exported into a .csv or an .xls file. We have tried to make it as simple as possible. All that needs to be done is click the Copy button of a report and paste the information in a spreadsheet document. Then just import the document into your accounting system.

Making it easy

Whichever way you choose to transfer data from PMS to your accounting system, there is a way to make it easier. Set up the analytic parameters in your hotel system to match those of your chart of accounts. That way the moment you import the data, you will be able to process it without wasting time for additional sorting. The parameters you can set are:

  • revenue categories and groups
  • payment types and sub-types
  • market segments