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Processing Commissions

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Calculate and track standard and custom OTA commissions faster and easier with Clock PMS Suite


  •  Set
  •  Calculate commissions
  •  Specify custom commissions


  •  Find bookings
  •  Mark approved commissions
  •  ProStatement


  •  Find payable commissions
  •  Mark paid commissions


Setting commission rates.
No data exports or double entries.

Clock PMS Suite calculates the exact amounts payable to your partners automatically. Use the detailed filters to find all bookings whose commissions are not checked or paid for the specified period and click 'Calculate Commissions'.

Standard commissions.
Calculate amounts automatically.

The commission processing add-on is integrated in the bookings and has access to all the data it needs to calculate the commissions. Simply enter the standard commission rate in the profile of the desired contractor and let the system do the rest.

Laptop displaying the commission calculation process in Clock PMS Suite

Custom commissions.
Exclusive commission to every booking you want.

Additionally, you can override standard commissions. Exclusive commission amounts are specified explicitly for each instance, e.g. season offers, weekend promotions, low season stimuli, etc. A special note can be added to indicate the grounds for the custom commission.


Commission audit by company displayed on a tablet device

Straightforward audit of commission amounts.
Keep your books neat and clear.

Commissions are reviewed neatly and with no confusion. The special filters let you choose which company you want to audit. Specify the period you are reviewing and whether you need to see bookings that are checked in, or checked out, or of some other status. You get a list of everything you need to check.

Mark checked commissions.
Never do a job twice.

Use the designated checkbox to mark the amounts you have approved. The mass edit functions make it easy to mark more than one booking as checked (or not checked) at a time.

Commission amounts statement.
Discuss claims or objections in time.

Check with everybody before authorizing payment. Print out a statement of all due commissions to send to your partners, or copy them into a spreadsheet for your accounting department.


Easy search of payable commissions.
Never miss a payment.

Timely paying out of commissions is important to sound business relations. We know that and we try to help. Simply use the filters to find all payable commissions you need and proceed. Nothing missed, nothing forgotten.

Mark paid commissions.
Never pay a fee twice.

Enter the payment date of paid commissions to mark the event. Then you will be able to find them easily by company name or payment status.

Avoiding routine errors
Saving time
Building trust between partners