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Pre-arrival and post-departure e-mails

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Send automated e-mails before and after your guests' stay with you.

Customize your message

  •  With the periods you want
  •  In your own words
  •  In any language

Before guests arrive

  •  Remind them of their booking
  •  Let them change their stay
  •  Let them cancel

After guests leave

  •  Say thank you
  •  Ask for feedback
  •  Let them tell around

Clock PMS Suite lets you communicate with your guests in many ways and on many levels. The automated e-mails sent before your guests arrive and after they leave your hotel are one more opportunity for you to engage their attention and build their loyalty.

Customise your messages

Your own preferred periods.
Let the system serve your needs exactly.

Schedule the automated e-mails for exactly when you want them. Specify how many days before arrival and after departure they should be sent. Clock PMS Suite will take care of it for you and send e-mails to all eligible expected and checked out bookings automatically.

In your own words.
Customise your

Add your personal touch by replacing the pre-defined content of your automated e-mails with your own message. Change the subject and the body text and let your guests feel your special attention to them.

In any language.
Communicate on a personal level.

Show your respect to all your customers by sending them e-mails in their own language. Just translate the subject and the body of the e-mails into any language you want or need. Guests always appreciate the gesture.

No spam

The initial activation takes into account the defined number of days before arrival and after departure and e-mails are only sent to those bookings falling into the specified period.

Before your guests arrive

Pre-arrival e-mail as a reminder.
Whet their

Trips should be positive experiences. Use the pre-arrival email to remind your guests of their booking with you and to raise their expectations. Assure them they are expected and make them look forward to their time with you.

Request a change of their own stay.
Let guests feel they are in control.

Things don't always go as planned. Encourage your guests to use the link to the Self service portal in the pre-arrival e-mail to request a change of their booking dates. The system will notify you of their request so you can react promptly.

Cancel their own booking.
Reduce no-shows.

Guests that fail to arrive can be a nuisance not least because they prevent you from selling all your rooms. Remember to ask them to use the link to the Self service portal to cancel their booking if they need to change their travelling arrangements dramatically.

After your guests leave

Post-departure email as an appreciation message.
Build client loyalty.

Use the post-departure e-mails as a last opportunity to show your appreciation of your guests' custom: offer them promotional prices for their next stay, inform them of special offers, or simply say thank you. They will remember that.

Get feedback.
Solve any issues

Ask your guests for feedback on their stay at your hotel. The link at the end of the post-departure e-mail will take them to the Self service portal where they can rate and review their experience. You get all the feedback collected in a special report, so that you can react promptly to negative comments. Any potential problems can be solved before they escalate.

Let them tell around.
Get free word-of-mouth advertising.

Travellers today rely significantly on each other's reviews of places and services. Encourage your guests to share their opinion of you in their favourite social network. The link to the Self service portal makes that easy and fast.

Personal communication
Fewer no-show bookings
Swift resolution of negative issues
Building client loyalty