The Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay,
Alaska, USA

"Absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this company and their software! As a small lodging and retreat operator switching from a very high powered and expensive solution to Clock Software is one of the best decisions I have ever made! Not only is it great already ~ the staff and development team are excellent and very responsive!"

Lynda Paquette, Managing Member

The Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay is a small beautiful lodging facility in Alaska, USA, that offers unique experience and great hospitality in what they call "one of the most beautiful places on Earth". Lynda Ann Paquette, the manager of the property is passionate about providing one-of-a-kind place for couples to celebrate a special occasion. In fact, Angels Rest is known to Alaskans as "The place", winning the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence three years in a row. The property started working with Clock PMS Suite in March 2015.

Less room and costs for IT, automated guest emails and online sales automation for The Angels Rest

Q: Please tell us a few words about yourself and your property

A: We are a boutique property on the ocean just south of Seward in Alaska. We have 3 individual cabins that sit right on the waterfront and a 4 unit building across the road that has great views. We cater to couples primarily, although we do have a meeting space and can host small retreats or meetings. We have 2 housekeepers in the summer season and 1 housekeeper in the off season. We stay open year round.

Q: What type of software were you previously using to manage your property?

A: We used to use RoomMaster by Innquest. It is a high end solution for hotels that we first learned when working at a hotel in town almost 20 years ago. Although it was a much more powerful system than we needed, they made us a great deal and we were very happy for many years. As Cloud technology became more available however and shoppers more computer savvy we wanted to move to a cloud based solution. Innquest didn't offer that, and the way they do their booking engine, we needed a dedicated server and a dedicated IP address along with a workstation, and on an on it went, a more powerful computer to internet reservations, etc.

Q: What was the major challenge that you wanted to solve with the adoption of a (new) hotel software?

A: Automated emails was the major challenge ~ I wanted to be able to send emails automatically both before and after the guests' stay and that was a feature that was missing from my RoomMaster solution.

Q: How did Clock PMS Suite provide the solution for your challenge?

A: Clock PMS Suite has the ability to send emails both before and after arrival. At the time we made the switch they only supported 1 pre-arrival and 1 post departure, but that was enough incentive to us because the follow up email after the stay is a critical piece of customer service in our minds, but it was a manual thing for us in our old system and few actually ever got sent. We were thrilled to be able to automate that feature. Now Clock PMS Suite has added even more functionality and we are over the moon!!! We can send a "packing reminder" email and then 2 days in advance of their arrival we send the driving directions and check-in instructions. When channel bookings come in the system can automatically send those guests an email. It's really wonderful!

Q: What else has changed in your property management since Clock PMS Suite has been deployed?

A: Because Clock PMS Suite is a cloud based system, our housekeepers can check the calendar from home or at night, or early in the morning. Having the housekeeping staff be able to check the system from anywhere is a wonderful bonus. The way we used to have to check it was using the app LogMeIn we had to remote connect to the server, so the cost saving for us on apps and PCs easily justifies the monthly fees with Clock PMS Suite.

Q: Is there anything else you want to share about your experience with Clock PMS Suite and/or Clock POS?

A: We have found the staff at Clock to be extremely responsive and helpful. They have great training capability with shared screen sessions. The software has all the features we need and many more! We are so happy we discovered this PSM solution, and that we have been able to get rid of several computers and all the associated hardware and software expenses! While there are some limitations (the formatting of the Confirmation Letter for example), the benefits for us, far outweigh the drawbacks; and because the Clock folks are always striving to make improvements and do in fact listen to our requests, we have confidence we'll be staying with Clock for many years to come!